Set in a post-apocalyptic world once known for its vivid shades and hues, an army of the dead, comprised of historical figures from a variety of different times, has risen and is rendering the world devoid of all colour. Using a top down view tracking camera, the player undertakes the role of a magician armed with a rainbow staff and manoeuvres through each level destroying all zombies in their path. With each felled enemy colour is slowly restored to the world.

Platform MS Windows
Tools and Technologies Coded in C# using Microsoft XNA Game Studio
Credits Tanya Down - Sole Developer

• Enemy AI - Spawning and following Waypoints
• Multiple waves with increasing difficulty and more numbers of Enemies
• Various tower types (AoE, Slowing, 3 way Attack)
• HUD with buttons to place Towers
• Grid with textures to create the level
• Player Health(players base takes damage)
• Resources system