First person survival horror game, the player takes on the role of a scientist whom awakens stranded in an abandoned research facility. Only armed with a torch they must overcome the horrors as they uncover the story behind what remains of their family.

The development team comprised of two programmers and two artists. The areas in which I focussed included: Physics, Importing Graphics, Level Design, Puzzle Design. As the designated group leader I also had the following responsibilities: delegating tasks, overseeing progress, dealing with complications, steering the projects direction in a managerial capacity.

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Platform MS Windows
Tools and Technologies Coded in C# & UnityScript using Unity Pro v4.6.1
Credits Tanya Down - Lead designer/Programmer
Jack Duffy - Designer/Programmer
Ewelina Stocka - Artist / Story Concept
Marija Šalajeva - Artist / Story Concept

• Project management
• Game flow
• Level Design
• Enemy AI (targets player in range and attacks)
• Player Health
• Door Puzzle with Key
• Security Door Puzzle with number code
• Barrels blocking door
• Interactive Objects
• Player able to pickup objects
• Openable Doors
• Locked Cursor
• Transition between levels
• Menu screens (including pause menu)