Supporting game to my final year project thesis “An Exploration of Motives for Esports to improve Competitive Game Design”. Multiple players can connect to the server, choose a team and play against one another in this first person shooter set on a remote island, with multiple weapon choices and scoreboards to create an environment in which a player can play competitively.

(Coming Soon)

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Code Samples

Platform MS Windows
Tools and Technologies Coded in C# using Unity Pro v4.5.1
Credits Tanya Down - Sole developer

Thanks to GTGD for the invaluable information provided in order to complete this project.

• Level Design/Terrain
• Networking (allowing players to connect to a server, various things need to be constantly updated server-wide so all players see for example, a players current health after they have just been hit)
• Player health & Damage system
• Weapon swap
• Combat system (allowing players to shoot one another)
• Crouching ability
• Communication window
• UI elements (HUD showing current weapon icon, menu / disconnect windows, the players health, chat window, red aura when taking damage)
• Crosshair for aiming
• Buffs to recharge health